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359 domestic water distribution manifolds
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Technical information on the various types, typical applications and functional features of 359 series manifolds for domestic water systems

A perfect balance between elegance and technology.
Our domestic water distribution manifolds can be used to create flexible, safe, high-performance distribution networks for modern bathroom environments. They guarantee the correct pressure and flow rate combined with a unique focus on aesthetics.
Patented cartridge
Patented cartridge
Fixing clip system
Fixing clip system
Domestic water distribution manifolds with individual shut-off valves

These are used to control and distribute the medium in domestic water circuits. They are equipped with shut-off valves with knobs for each circuit, an identification number for the utility served and a box, making installation and maintenance easy. The recessed inspection port with push-to-open frame is aesthetic and comes in a range of finishes or can be camouflaged with the wall.

Domestic water distribution manifolds/units with main shut-off valves

These are equipped with main shut-off valves on the hot and cold inlets, and an upstream outlet to connect the recirculation circuit. The box has a high chrome finish plate with concealed push-to-open knobs.

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